POLITICAL COMMENTARY: On The Republican Campaign Trail 2008

Terrorist is the new Nigger.
How the Rednecks stay one step ahead of us.
by Jon Dunmore © 15 Oct 2008.

st the Republican nominee for president assured us that the "fundamentals of the economy were strong." On seeing coffee flying out of everyone's noses at that assertion, he changed his mind. Then the suggestion was to fire the Chairman of the SEC. Informed that a president isn't allowed to fire a Chairman of the SEC, the candidate changed his mind again. The next idea: a Blue Ribbon Commission to study the problem. Thud. Next idea? Come out against the bailout for AIG. Then when AIG was bailed out - change! Now it's time to be in favor of the AIG bailout! Then there was the fake suspension of the campaign to pass the Wall Street bailout. Then the Republican party ran ads against the Wall Street bailout..."
- encapsulated by Rachel Maddow, THE RACHEL MADDOW SHOW, 14 Oct 2008.

Going so far beyond flip-flopping, it makes Mitt Romney look like a statue, John McCain, in his presidential race against Democratic nominee, Barack Obama, desperately tries to turn the focus away from an economy slimier and harder to grasp than his own lost soul. While every day, his polls, campaign and integrity slip further from his reach, he turns to Distraction - with smears so black, no one in the mainstream media can even mention they're about BEING black...

I've been waiting for John McCain to drop the N-bomb.

He's that type of guy. Look at him on that stump, turning purple as a bell-end in his witless denunciation of Barack Obama. Yet no matter how impassioned his mindless, mendacious rhetoric, he just won't say That Word - even though every fiber of his Old-Man-Yells-At-Cloud demeanor bespeaks it.

JOHN MCCAIN BARACK OBAMA Then I realized he didn't have to say That Word. Because the spineless, lowlife Republicans have found the ultimate euphemism, a displacement word as diabolical as their black hearts and snake agendas.

A euphemism that brings with it all the negative baggage of generations, oppression, dehumanization, unconditional hate; a New N-Word signifying pariah, alien, backward, unholy - exactly what That Word used to signify when it was used in civil society with impunity.

The new N-word: Terrorist.

It started in June 2008 with FOX News bimbo du jour, E.D. Hill, asking of Michelle and Barack's fist bump, “A pound? A terrorist fist jab?” and right-wingnut Conservative website Human Events calling it a "Hezbollah-style fist jabbing." These summations were so outlandish they were caricatured by other news programs. But the Republicans got what they wanted - "Terrorist" was back in popular circulation. And being applied to the Democrat Obama. In the past few weeks, with McCain town hall conventions coming to resemble Klan rallies, now we see where those unpatriotic bigots were going with that seeding of hatred.

With every armpit-sweat-drenched ululation of the New N-Word at Republican rallies, with every intimation and allusion and inference from the flannel-flecked crowd; with every hate-seared lie and donkey breath that issues from the lizard lips of John McCain and the cum-glazed pig-lipstick of Sarah Palin - they're saying Nigger... in the most patriotic way possible.

You see, a white supremacist racist bigot can't say Nigger in civil society anymore without their white hood on - it would lose them an election... but a person of any ethnicity can say Terrorist anywhere. And be applauded as a Caring, Free, Courageous American.

For years I thought only Lynyrd Skynyrd could conjure Instant Mongoloid Symposiums, but if you want to see people as red of neck or as mong of loid as Skynyrd dingbats, visit a 2008 Republican convention.

"I'm mad! I'm REALLY mad!.... When you have Obama, Pelosi and the rest of the hooligans up there gonna run this country, we gotta have our head examined! It's time that YOU TWO [McCain and Palin] are representing us and we are MAD! So go get 'em!"
- painfully Caucasian redneck swine at McCain rally.

Crowds at McCain-Palin rallies: "Terrorist!" "Kill him!" "Bomb Obama!" "Treason!" "Off with his head!" Picket signs: "Obama bin Lyin'," "Obama = Osama."

Sheriff Mike Scott, of Lee County, Florida, in full uniform, as introductory speaker for Palin, spikes the crowd's mongo nerve by declaring, "On November 4th, let's leave Barack Hussein Obama wondering what happened." To the world at large, Barack's full legal name is just that - his full name; to the goofball acid-heads and Klansfolk at McCain-Palin rallies it is Hussein = Saddam = Terrorist = The New N-Word. But this neckless hate-monger plays the "What Controversy?" card when his Inbox chocks with caustic rejoinders: "It absolutely shocks me. And I'm appalled by some of the e-mails. They are hateful and spiteful.'' And where exactly is that hate and spite generated, if not at the stump you just laid an egg on?

"Reverend" Arnie Conrad, introductory speaker at a McCain rally, beseeches God to "step in" and make McCain win, "because there are people praying to other gods for other results." Arnie's unspoken subtext is that the MUSLIM GOD supports Obama. (Muslim = Terrorist = The New N-Word.) The mindless corollary to this request is: should Obama win, I guess God becomes Allah's nigger.

The Virginia Republican party chairman, Jeff Frederick, compares Obama to Osama bin Laden! When asked about it, McCain does nothing to repudiate the claim.

James T. Harris (African-American talk show host on News Radio 620 WTMJ Milwaukee) addresses McCain by "begging him" to "take it to [Obama]" by re-raising the dead-as-dodos Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and ACORN. And in a comment to CNN, even Harris acknowledges what the predominantly white crowd is thinking when they see him (Harris) at Republican rallies, "Just what is that N-Word doing here amongst us white people?" His reasons for supporting McCain are irrelevant (he's a self-admitted "real Conservative" and trying to lean McCain towards his position - fat chance!); the point here is that even though he shares the same ideology with the crowd, he admits they STILL CONSIDER HIM AN N-WORD!

Ana Marie Cox of Time Magazine notes, "The wingnuts are the only people LEFT to come to these rallies."

Not just at the rallies, the balls to publicly call Obama Nigger Without Calling Him Nigger has spread to the rest of the media. To illustrate the madness of the New Improved Unsheeted Klan, Tom Leykis 97.1 KLSX Los Angeles, reads a hate-letter on-air: "...send that black bastard back to Hawaii to pick pineapples with his feet." You gotta admit, that one's kinda funny, but the goon agitator mentions Hawaii in the context of it being another country. (If he could see Russia from his house, he'd call it America.)

Another caveman turns up at a McCain-Palin rally with a Curious George monkey, putting an Obama headband on it to signify... I guess, uh, Curious George supports Obama? (I urge you to click this link to watch the video: a priceless, minute-long depiction of the face of the McCain-Palin Campaign: racist bravado when surrounded by their own kind, then yellow cowardice when confronted.)

And if calling Obama a Nigger via euphemism is not enough, how about extending that euphemism to Sand-Nigger? Rensselaer County, New York printed 4000 ballots with Barack's name "misprinted" - ahem - as Barack Osama. 300 absentee ballots were sent out before someone reported the - ahem - "typo." Election officials said it was "...an honest mistake innocently done.'' Let's pretend we believe this transparent lie: if it WAS an "honest mistake," someone had to physically manipulate the type onto the original template for the ballot (digitally, mechanically, whatever - there was a PERSON at the helm); the only way this mistake could be made - even unconsciously - is because the Terrorist inculcation has become so vivid and ubiquitous that it simply slipped their bleating goat mind.

More than just a negative smear campaign, the Republicans have given license to all those fuming nigger-haters, all trying to be so pc ("pc" = Painfully Caucasian), who in reality are fatally close to busting a blood vessel suppressing that Old N-Word; given them license by bequeathing The New N-Word for them to orgasmically spout like a fire-hose out of control.

Tell McCain to End the Politics of Hate

Pertaining to Bill Ayers, a 1960s anti-war radical (whom Obama met when Ayers was a respected community member in 2002), McCain himself repeats on every TV interview: "I don't care about two washed-up old terrorists that are unrepentant about trying to destroy America. But I do care, and Americans should care, about [Obama's] relationship with him..." McCain thinks that in playing "good cop" to his redneck crowd's "bad cop" we won't notice he's fanning the flames with The New N-Word. Yet this gutless cur refuses to bring up these "terrorist issues" when he is face-to-face with Obama at two debates. If the terrorist claim is true, shouldn't McCain be calling 9-1-1 or something? Instead, he opts to shake the hand of a man he himself accuses of being a "terrorist sympathizer" - what kind of message does that send about the two-faced McCain?

The RIGHT message.

The issues have been marginalized, the lie about "suspending the campaign until the economy is fixed" has been pasted over with more lies; the lie about "running a clean campaign" swept under the rug (like McCain's mob ties to Joe Bananas, his numerous affairs - yeh, "family values" - and the Keating Five scandal); the Republican Base alienated and insulted on so many levels (with the directionless meandering of McCain and his insensate tapping of the most unqualified person in America as his running mate); every shred of decency trampled in the shark frenzy to smear an honest man and attain the presidency at any cost.

And we thought George W. Bush was a thug, moron and liar of astronomical proportions - a swine who caused the deaths of over 4,100 of his own countryfolk on the basis of a proven lie. Look at McCain-Palin go!

John McCain - The Eye Tells AllWHAT MCCAIN TELLS...

"A 'tell' is any habit, behavior, or physical reaction, that gives other players more information about your hand."
-- PlayWinning Poker.com

Has no one picked McCain's "tell" after all this time in politics? The tic in his left eye. This man is psychologically unbalanced.

Watch carefully: every time McCain is uncomfortable with the lie he is espousing, his eye tics. When his lies are vetted and oldies, he is at peace with them. When he is put in combat positions against his will, the eye once again starts its tell-tale twitching.

Watch the first few minutes of the Second Debate, when McCain is forced to shake Obama's hand - his eye can't stop the tell. Here is a man too gutless to look his opponent in the eye (Big Hero!); who must relegate him to "enemy" status in order to "battle" him, because his military inculcation taught him to treat enemies as less than human; McCain cannot divorce himself from that inculcation; he cannot face the truth of his mindless adherence to military protocol.

And his eye cannot tell a lie.

The full Second Debate: watch the first few minutes for McCain's "tell."

"I'm an American - and I choose to fight!"
- John McCain, Oct 13, 2008.

We know. That's what you do. That's all you are: a grunt. You are no "hero." You're an ex-Prisoner of War. Explain to us exactly how that qualifies you to be president of the United States? After five years in the Hanoi Hilton, not the least bit Post-Traumatic-y, John? Cindy McCain in a recent interview said McCain never suffered Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder because he was "well-trained" - implying, of course, that if you DO have PTSD, you somehow lack training, insulting every single soldier with PTSD.

Okay, if we run with the lie about "training," then we have to acknowledge that military training includes methods on how to avoid capture. Guess you missed those classes, John. Or maybe FAILED them. For all his gab about military service and POW "heroism," John McCain never mentions he was at the BOTTOM of his military class: graduating in 1958 from the Naval Academy, 894th out of 899.


Considering McCain's mental prowess, Obama's mantra describing a McCain presidency as "Four more years of George W. Bush" is not far wrong.

Shouldn't this mean that the 893 who graduated ABOVE McCain and who DIDN'T get captured and who are still alive without PTSD (because, of course, they were EVEN BETTER TRAINED than McCain) would make EVEN BETTER presidents?

"I can't trust Obama. I've read about him - he's an Arab--"

- painfully Caucasian ignoramus lady at McCain rally.

After all the nebulous accusations of terrorism and "associations" failed to take, McCain and Palin were forced to revert back to their fake promises, amorphous non-plans for the economy and hollow canards about McCain's hunt for bin Laden--hang on! What did he say? "I know how to do it! I know how to capture bin Laden." You know how to do it, John McCain?


George W. Bush 4 John McCainYour Republican Party is in power right now (albeit laughably) - pick up the phone to W, implement your plan and catch Osama... or are you BLACKMAILING the American people into voting for you first, then you'll reveal your Grand Plan? Which - I'll wager my left testicle - is no plan at all.

I'd call that political terrorism....

But we can't really call McCain a terrorist - like his mentor, idol and ballsac-fondler, George W. Bush, he's just a dangerous fool. His problems are now compounding and conundruming: in wallowing so deep in shit, McCain now finds he must DEFEND the man he is smearing at the very rallies where he is smearing this man. When that lady calls Obama an Arab, McCain counters with, "No ma'am, he's a decent family man, citizen, that I just happen to have disagreements with." When an illiterate munghole voices his concern about "someone who cohorts with domestic terrorists" [the word is "consorts," maroon-neck!], McCain addresses the escalating fear-mongering: "...he is a decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared as president of the United States" - and was BOOED for this rare showing of actual integrity!

The maroons WANT to believe Obama is dangerous. They NEED to think of him as Muslim. They HAVE to call him Terrorist. Because they can't say the N-Word!

But is McCain's recant really "integrity"? No. McCain tempers the hate-speech like the gutless, unprincipled swine we've come to realize he is. He has never yet issued a statement/warning that hate-speech and slander will not be tolerated at his rallies. Then HE'D have to stop the hate-speech and slander himself. And he doesn't really want to stop his unpatriotic, ignorant fans from THINKING what they're thinking. THAT would be guts. THAT would be honor. McCain lacks both.

Because HE is thinking exactly what THEY are thinking. Remember, he's not thinking "Terrorist." He's thinking "Nigger." Like the rest of the Klan. He's just SAYING Terrorist...

They're all over Obama's "associations" like red on neck - but does anyone without a missing chromosome really want to "associate" with the people McCain is associating with? These trailer-park morons and kitchen politicos, who are so ignorant and racist they think that "Muslim" and "Arab" per se are actual insults.

As Ana Marie Cox tells us, these are the only people left whom McCain is appealing to. Because his "base" has long since deserted this weak, washed-up fraud.

The last vestiges of W's 25% would rather throw themselves under the bus than ride it one more futile minute... From respected Republican op-ed monolith, George F. Will ("can a dismaying temperament be fixed?"), to neo-con Nazi, William Kristol ("junk the whole thing and start over"), to runway mannequin, Mitt Romney ("Huge mistake"), Dracula ex-governor of Wisconsin, Tommy Thompson ("not happy") to the reptilian butterball who Stole Christmas in Whoville, Newt Gingrich ("show he's different than Bush").

Flailing in desperation, some Republicans don't even want to be called Republican any more! Dino Rossi, a Seattle senator and crybaby, wants to be called the "GOP Party" or he'll hold his breath. Okay, so he won't sprain a brain cell, let's call him the Grand Old Party Party. Moron.

McCain-Palin is not just a train wreck - this is the space shuttle disintegrating without an ablative shield, hitting the Atlantic in shards, with intestines and skull fragments splattering the harp seal nesting grounds.

As a final testament to the "character" and "judgment" of the McCain campaign (things they keep telling us Obama lacks): from the beginning, they were stealing rock songs without permission from artists, to use at their rallies. Heart and Foo Fighters have issued public Cease and Desist statements; Van Halen and Jackson Browne have also butted heads with the criminal McCain campaign. If we're bombarded by annoying commercials telling us not to steal music online, shouldn't the prospective leader of the country set the example?

Maybe they could steal FREEBIRD next. Lynyrd Skynyrd would love performing at their next convention...

SARAH PALIN and the OTHER N-Word (Nailin').

"I’ve seen her twice try to speak. The sentence to nowhere is what comes out of her mouth. If Joe Biden had made some of the comments she made to Katie Couric, we would think he had brain damage."
- Bill Maher on THE VIEW, Oct 2008.

Sarah Palin  - DopeBefore any mention of this shrike's non-qualifications or unethical Trooper-gate scandal, or rehearsed speeches guised as debate answers, the SEX issue needs to be addressed because I am sick to death of hearing Saran Palin is hot.

It is ironic Palin keeps referring to Joe Six-Pack when she's never had one. A six-pack, that is. (I'm sure she's had many Joes - in the biz, we usually call them "Johns," honey.) Think about that abdominal region hidden like a raped nun from the media's prying eyes: she's forty-three years old, men. She had her first child in 1989 (at 25); since then, popping them out like the old woman in MEANING OF LIFE, singing Every Sperm is Sacred. One in 1990, 1995, 2001, 2008 - can you imagine, men, the sorry state of that seed-swollen belly?; like 30 miles of Death Valley fire trails under that chastity-belt blouse.

This stripper librarian has not even exposed her CLEAVAGE yet - because when she unhooks that padded push-up bra, her nipples point to China. Any man who has had any natural woman over 30 knows this! Like the Bush administration, denial seems to be a major trait of Republicans and anyone associated with them.

So quit coveting! What a waste of masturbation fluids.

As further incentive: with FIVE kids, think of how many times that half-hard First Dude mannequin has shot his yellowed, beer-driven sperm into that belching, queefing Jabba the Hutt orifice.

Wipe up your vomit and finish your poo sandwich...

(I'm Thinkin' 'Bout Nailin') Sarah Palin

As Election Day draws near, Palin's puppetmasters have been sending her out with hair down and legs bared; that "Just got out of bed after a furious fellate" look.

Do the Republican strategists who forced her on McCain think you are THAT dumb? How many votes can a shaved pair of legs in high heels bring? I dunno - how did man-bear-pig Janet Reno do?

This condescending harridan with her memorized lies can accuse falsely, make fake claims, employ sexism and rabid foam-mouthed slander - but no one is allowed to talk TO her or ABOUT her - because that would be sexism. It is at HER rallies that the most intense threats and verbal denunciations are heard. She - like McCain - does nothing to quell the hate, only intensifying the hate-speech.

Talk about calling kettles black: this morally bankrupt woman and her hand-puppet husband were members of the Alaskan Independence Party, a league of maroon-necks trying to secede from the United States; consorting with founder and Lower-48-Hater, Joe Vogler: "The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government and I won't be buried under their damn flag." Todd Palin was registered until 2002; Sarah gave an opening address in 2008. That's the year she was running for VP. That's NOW. Vogler maintained: "I'm an Alaskan, not an American. I've got no use for their damned institutions."

And Palin has the ballsac to stand under a "Country First" banner and question OBAMA'S patriotism? As Keith Olbermann commented: "Which Country First?"

FINDING NUMBER ONE: "...I find that Governor Sarah Palin abused her power by violating Alaska Statute 39.52.110(a) of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act."
- Branchflower Report to the Legislative Council, Oct 10, 2008

After hearing this Trooper-gate verdict on the campaign trail, SHE says, "...thankfully the truth was revealed there in that report that showed there was not unlawful or unethical activity on my part." Is she lying, or an illiterate who can't understand the bludgeoning literalness of this English? Either way, which option qualifies her to be VP or - heaven forfend! - president of these 49-United-States-and-Alaska?

The Anchorage Daily News comments, with its jaw swinging open in incredulity: "Sarah Palin’s reaction to the Legislature’s Troopergate report is an embarrassment to Alaskans and the nation... Her response is either astoundingly ignorant or downright Orwellian."

Orwellian - from George Orwell's 1984, where Newspeak was promulgated by the thoughtpolice; where the Ministry for Truth was the purveyor of lies. Black is white. Up is down. Freedom is slavery. War is peace.

Terrorist is Nigger.

These people will never drop the N-Bomb. Too duplicitous, too mendacious, too diabolical; they are too slimy and pernicious; too evil and amoral; too noxious and toxic, for me to ever hope they'll end their campaign in such a blaze of non-painfully-Caucasian glory.

The New N-Word is way too popular with the Ku Bush Klan. They're unsheeting their vermilion necks and dropping it all over the farm...

What the puling bigots in McCain-Palin audiences are too obtuse to realize, is that if this dishonorable, lying, erratic, racist elitist, John McCain, wins the Oval Egg in 2008 - we're ALL gonna be his niggers...


KO Special Comment - Control Your Mob, McCain

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