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I'm Jon Dunmore, Musician for hire, Producer, Manager/Performer in Classic Rock cover band Dear Jon, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Tutor, Cartoonist and Writer. And some other stuff. But that's what this website is for!

As you can see from the Menu above, my site is very easy to use, easier to understand, and even easier to love.

When you click on the services above, you will see two columns:
What I've Done, and What I Can Do For You.
Like I said: easy.

I am located in Los Angeles, California, and available to travel anywhere in the United States or overseas.

TheDunmore.com Jon Dunmore Excelsior! 818-906-8633

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June 2015 • The Dunmore live | "Hush"

Aug 2016

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Poffy's Movie Mania
• Poffy The Cucumber
JULY 2015 Upgrading the Poffy property for worldwide release
• vocals live

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